Thank you for your interest in ASAP

Before Attending the GBM

  • Fill out the form above to get our Zoom link for this event.

  • Please request a member account through our website. Once verified after the meeting, you will have access to our Zoom links and member pages.

  • Check out our website and get to know us more.

  • Tell your friends about ASAP! We want to make an inclusive environment to all and everyone at Penn is welcome. 

I can't attend the 2/16 meeting

I want to join ASAP, but I can't attend the first GBM

We understand that your schedule might not allow for you to attend the first GBM. That's okay! If you still want to join ASAP, follow the steps below

  • Fill out the form above and notify us.

  • Request a member account on our website. You won't have access to our Zoom links until you are verified. 

We will approve request with a valid Penn email after the first GBM.