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Got Consent?

In the past ASAP partnered with other student groups at Penn who wanted to talk and learn about consent and show their support for the social media movement.


During Fall 2021, ASAP did another Got Consent? campaign. Check out the 2021 campaign here.


The Clothesline Project

As part of the national movement, ASAP participates in this project that shows support for women who have experienced violence. The different cloth colors represent messages for specific groups of womxn, and we display them on the main walk through campus to raise awareness.

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Sigma Psi Zeta X ASAP

In this event, ASAP partnered with Sigma Psi Zeta Chapters across Philadelphia to discuss violence on college campuses. Specifically, we delved into violence and culpability from multiple perspectives, from a greek-life to APPI.

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