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P.A.G.E., the Penn Association for Gender Equity, promotes gender, social justice, and serves as an umbrella group for a diverse range of constituent organizations at Penn.

For more information contact: Curie Shim at 


OWN IT UPenn is a series of events, summits, and opportunities to motivate and connect young women everywhere.

For more information contact:

A student-run group  focused solely on defending the reproductive rights of people worldwide.

For more information contact:

Black Women’s Graduate Association

BWGA works to promote the visibility of black graduate women on campus and to strengthen the relationships between black women graduate students from all disciplines. They are devoted to providing a space that fosters well being, dialogue, scholarship, community and leadership development in the lives of graduate women of the African Diaspora at the University of Pennsylvania and beyond. 

For more information contact:

An annual production written and performed entirely by members of the Penn community and focused on gender, sex, identity, race, and truth-telling. Penn Monologues believes in the equality of all individuals, disclosure as a means of connecting through truth, and the end of violence.

For more information contact: Sanjana Bijilani at

A feminist publication accepting prose, poetry, academic writing, and other student submissions.

For more information contact:

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